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About Masala Bay

A dazzling fusion of  authentic and modern Indian cuisine, Benaras cordially welcomes you with some of the best Indian food to be found in Vietnam. With every dish carefully curated alongside a beautiful array of spices and flavors, we’re sure to leave you wanting to come back.

Now – what started Benaras? This fine dining experience was founded in 2018, deliberately designed to solve a problem that only seemed apparent to its proprietor, Mrs Nidhi Arora – Indians don’t go out to eat, they make it all at home. Our premium restaurant shines a light on North Indian authentic cuisine, from the roots of India, all the way to Vietnam. We feature spicy, fragrant curies, a myriad of breads and even Indian street food staples brought to life. An irresistible spread just to invigorate your tastebuds to another level. We pride ourselves on focusing on the culinary skills of our experienced chefs, hailing from India, forming the very foundation of our enterprise. Now, we can’t wait for you to try what’s in store!